Buy Artisan: A premium Snus experience

Artisan is a premium snus brand, a collaborative creation of the Swedish manufacturer The Snus Factory and the American snus-profile Chad “Snubie'' Jones. Developed with the input and feedback from Snubie’s snus-community, Artisan is a product that truly embodies the phrase "by snusers, for snusers." Artisan Snus is more than just a product - it's a revolution. In a market saturated with nicotine pouches, Artisan stands out as a beacon for traditional snus enthusiasts. With a focus on high-quality tobaccos and strength levels that do not exceed extra strong, Artisan is a return to the roots of snus, offering a premium experience for snus users.

Quality Obsession

Artisan has an unparalleled commitment to perfection. Sourcing only the best water from the finest and most mineral-rich spring water, while the salt is collected from the top mountain salt mines. To guarantee a smooth and nice fit, the bag materials have themselves undergone testing. This is reflected in the products as well. Try the origial, Artisan Signature Blend Original, or the white portion, Artisan Signature Blend White. For a more flavourful experience, try Artisan Espresso Original Original, where the sensation of roasted coffe combines perfectly with the mild tobacco flavour. If you are looking for a softer and creamier snus, Artisan Dark Vanilla Original, is a perfect choice. 

Artisan: A Snus for the Community

Artisan Snus represents the collective strength of a community and is more than just a product. Every aspect of Artisan was developed with feedback from the snus community, including the serving size, strength, flavours, and can design. Because of this collaborative approach, Artisan is a highly distinctive and unique product that is always developing in response to requests and recommendations from customers.


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