What is Snus and what are Chewing Bags? 

Just as with snus, chewing bags come in many variations, formats and flavors. Many brands have a distinct tobacco flavor, but there are also flavors like licorice, fruit and mint. The nicotine content also varies between the different kinds of chewing bags. Which chewing bag will be your favorite is hard to say – we recommend to try different kinds of chewing bags in order to see which kind you enjoy the most

Snus vs Chewing bags

If you have tried snus before you will see that the two are very similar. The production of snus and chewing bags differs only in that the tobacco leaves of chewing bags are cut instead of ground, which makes the pieces of chew tobacco a little bit larger. Just as with portion snus, a chewing bag makes it easier for you to manage the tobacco and still getting that delivery of flavor and nicotine. You place the chewing bag somewhere in your mouth, maybe under your lip, and keep it there for as long as you like. If you chew lightly on the chewing bag you will get an extra release of flavor and strength!

Chewing Bags with White Portions

White chewing bags provide low drip and a long lasting taste. This is due to the dry surface of the pouch, that makes them look lighter.

Chewing Bags with Original Portions

Are you out to fast release? Then moistened chewing bags are the right choice for you: The pouches have a moistend surface and provide therefore a fast and more intense release of flavor and nicotine.