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Siberia Extremely Strong White Dry Chewing Bags

Siberia -80°C White Dry Chewing Bags is finally available here in our EU shop! 
43 mg/g of nicotine combined with a spearmint flavor and put into white dry portions. This mix makes for the perfect chew if you're looking for a strong buzz!

1 Can 6,47 €
5 Cans 30,75 €

Price per Can: 6,15 €

10 Cans 58,25 €

Price per Can: 5,83 €

Tobacco weight (g): 13
Portions / Can: 12 - 14
Net weight (g): 13
Available Since: 2019
Shipping Weight (g): 30
Flavor Descr: Tobacco, Spearmint
Nicotine (mg/g): 43.0
Flavor Group: Fresh
Product Qty description: Can,Cans

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Christoph W profile image

Chew Knight


Richtig gut

Ein sehr starkes und intensives Erlebnis. Mein absoluter Liebling unter den Snus.

    Thomas T profile image

    Lord of Chew


    Das beste Snus

    Für mich das beste Snus, hat eine gute Stärke und ist unersetzbar.

      Kristijan M profile image

      Lord of Chew


      Really strong

      i personally don't like the taste that much, but everyone who searches for a really strong and fresh tasting snus should definitly give this one a try

        Oskar S profile image

        Chew Esquire



        Great to relax after a long day with this one

          Ésik K profile image

          Baron of Chew



          As an oldtimer smoker..i can't imagine who can enjoy this everyday all day and why? Extremly strong and harms your gum and lip. Taste is good but as an expirienced smoker and snus user im not reccomend to newbies at all..not even to anyone..there are many enjoyable snus/ chews than this..Anyway i liked the design the most.

            Dennis W profile image

            Sir Chew



            Bester auf dem Markt

              Yannik L profile image

              Chew Esquire



              Perfekte Mischung aus Tabak und Minze Geschmack für zwischendurch oder beim Sport

                David b profile image

                Chew Esquire



                This stuff is amazing... Makes you feel you whete hit by a train

                  Ricardo N profile image

                  Chew Knight


                  Einfach das Beste

                  Siberia Snus einfach das Beste was es gibt

                    max l profile image

                    Chew Knight


                    beste wo gibt

                    schiebt wundervoll

                      Fabien S profile image

                      Chew Esquire


                      Very high quality

                      One of the best snus I’ve ever tasted. The kick in the first minutes is powerfull and the taste stays during a long moment.

                        Jan H profile image

                        Lord of Chew


                        THE BEST

                        Bester Snus auf dem Markt!!!

                          Kristof T profile image

                          Chew Esquire


                          Lord of Chew

                          The strongest i have ever tried. This one really kicks ass. The flavor is not for me.

                            Lukas E profile image

                            Lord of Chew


                            Bester Snus

                            Bester Snus, gibt den richtigen Kick, seit Anfang an mein Liebling

                              Christof S profile image

                              Chew Esquire



                              best strong snus.

                                Iveta K profile image

                                Chew Esquire


                                Best snus ever

                                Its hard in the begining but in the end this is the best snus

                                  Azad G profile image

                                  Chew Knight


                                  Godfather in the snusworld

                                  Very good choice if you need a really strong snus.
                                  I started with this one and still use it if I need powerful snus

                                    Dennis K profile image

                                    Chew King


                                    A true "Nicotine-Bomb"

                                    So if you are looking for something strong: here you go! Siberia is one of the strongest if not the strongest Chew I ever tried. Beside the strengh a long lasting, fresh mint-flavour is one of the great advantages of this product that makes it worth to pay a bit more compared to other brands.
                                    So overall I can recommend:
                                    - to experienced Snus-users, who
                                    - want a strong Chew,
                                    - with a fresh and long-lasting taste,
                                    - and who are favouring large potions!
                                    I would not recommend if:
                                    - you are not experienced in the use of nicotine,
                                    - prefer small / slim potions,
                                    - are not into spearmint.
                                    Otherwise I can recommend this Chew without any doubt

                                      Markus S profile image

                                      Chew Esquire



                                      Super Qualität und einer der besten snus den ich je hatte!

                                        Massimo P profile image

                                        Chew Knight



                                        It hurts if you are a beginner, 43 mg nicotine have definitely knocked me out... but.. what a taste! If you resist the first minutes, you get the best mint flavour so far.

                                        If you love snus, must try this.

                                          Tobias F profile image

                                          Chew Prince


                                          sehr starker Snus

                                          stärkster Snus den ich je hatte. Der Geschmack finde ich nicht sehr angenehm, wenn man natürlich den ganzen Tag einen Snus im Mund hat. Für mich persönlich nicht mein Geschmack, aber trotzdem geil.

                                            Max D profile image

                                            Chew Knight


                                            Best of the best

                                            Top tier, decent taste and one of the strongest. Must try

                                              Oliver S profile image

                                              Sir Chew


                                              Sehr gut

                                              Stark, jedoch leider wenig Inhalt und sehr teuer

                                                Janis S profile image

                                                God of Chew



                                                Der beste überhaupt

                                                  Yannick C profile image

                                                  Lord of Chew


                                                  Mega gut!

                                                  Schön stark, lang anhaltend, super Kick.

                                                    Rene R profile image

                                                    Sir Chew




                                                      lisa d profile image

                                                      Chew Prince


                                                      IL MIGLIORE

                                                      L'ho provato da un amico... una bomba, il migliore che ci sia... ti da una botta impressionante sopratutto se è la prima di giornata...

                                                        Philipp H profile image

                                                        Lord of Chew


                                                        Siberia best!

                                                        Siberia are the best.. only poor thing, there are no slim potions for me ...

                                                          ANDREA C profile image

                                                          Lord of Chew


                                                          Extra strong

                                                          The best snus

                                                            Daniel P profile image

                                                            Chew Esquire



                                                            Great chew, simply my favourite

                                                              Andreas R profile image

                                                              Chew Knight



                                                              Very strong, good product

                                                                Lorin M profile image

                                                                Chew Esquire


                                                                Best ones

                                                                Best snus so far

                                                                  Fabian O profile image

                                                                  Lord of Chew


                                                                  Best Snus ever!!!

                                                                  For me its the best snus in the world

                                                                    kristiyan l profile image

                                                                    Lord of Chew



                                                                    That is strongest snus ever

                                                                      Olivier L profile image

                                                                      Chew Knight


                                                                      Very nice

                                                                      Perfect !!!

                                                                        Jake S profile image

                                                                        Chew Esquire


                                                                        For when you simply need more..

                                                                        Siberia products aren't ones I would use very often, as a product with this strength isn't needed regularly..

                                                                        However, the sheer strength of these makes them a good choice for after meals, or when you need a 'slap in the face' moment on a night shift..

                                                                        The flavour is intense & long lasting.
                                                                        There's no words to describe the nicotine hit.

                                                                        One that should definitely be tried at least once but only by experienced users.

                                                                          Birger V profile image

                                                                          Chew King


                                                                          Best chewing bag there is

                                                                          This one needs to come back, there is no other good replacement for me tbh!

                                                                            Matthias A profile image

                                                                            Lord of Chew


                                                                            Einfach nice

                                                                            Stark, geschmacklich relativ neutral und läuft fast nicht. Mehr muss nicht gesagt werden

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