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NICO Lash Glacier X Mint Ultra Strong Nicotine Pouches

If you’re looking for power and pure freshness, then NICO Lash Glacier X Mint Ultra Strong got something special in store just for you! Its discreet and tobacco free nicotine pouches deliver ultra-strong nicotine kicks (12 mg/portion) together with an icy menthol flavor topped with a dash of biting peppermint. A minty flavor combination that leaves an intense cooling sensation under the lip.

Its comfortable slim pouches use a filling that consist of natural plant fibers. An all-white filling that eliminates the risk of them leaving stains and that also minimizes the drip. This low amount of drip ensures in turn that they deliver a satisfyingly long-lasting release of both flavor and nicotine!

NICO Lash Glacier X Mint Ultra Strong, a minty powerhouse jam-packed with nicotine that you now can order within the EU online right here at SnusExpress!

1 Can 4,99 €
5 Cans 23,08 €

Price per Can: 4,62 €

10 Cans 42,41 €

Price per Can: 3,53 €

Tobacco weight (g): 16
Portions / Can: 20
Net weight (g): 16
Available Since: 2020
Shipping Weight (g): 32
Flavor Descr: Glacier X Mint
Nicotine (mg/portion): 12
Nicotine (mg/g): 16.0
Flavor Group: Fresh
Product Qty description: Can,Cans
Nicotine Weight: 16

Reviews Write review!

Arton S profile image

Lord of Chew


Sehr guter Snus

Ich habe mir Nico lash auf Empfehlung gekauft und es nicht bereut… WOW

    Kristof T profile image

    Chew Esquire


    Lord of Chew

    I like the fatty pouches, its also very cold. Stronger than the whip.

      Christian M profile image

      Chew Knight


      schmerzhaftes Brennen

      Geschmacklich überzeugen mich die Pods überhaupt nicht.
      Viel schlimmer ist der unangenehme Schmerz unter der Lippe. Nicht das übliche Brennen anderer Pods.
      Eher ein ganz unangenehmer und schmerzhafter Druck. Bekomme die Dosen bei jeder Bestellung immer gratis mit dazu.
      Bitte aufhören! Die landen ohnehin bei mir im Müll.

        Ryan K profile image

        Lord of Chew



        Slight burning for few minutes then goes away and abit sweet will get again

          Marc S profile image

          Chew Knight



          Guter kick aber hält nicht lange und ist wegen dem enthaltenem Xylitol extrem süß

            Pascal P profile image

            Lord of Chew


            Ist es zu stark bist du...

            ... eventuell zu empfindlich. Es ist wirklich einer der stärksten snus auf den ersten Metern. Nach ein paar Minuten ist er genießbar und geschmacklich und vom Geruch wirklich oben mit dabei.

              Paul W profile image

              Baron of Chew


              The best!

              I just love it. I tried a couple of different chewing bags, but this is for sure my all time favourite!!

                Nino L profile image

                Sir Chew



                Ich hab sie jetzt schon zum 2 mal gekauft und sie geben mir einen guten kick.

                  Klemen R profile image

                  Duke of Chew


                  Best snus

                  Quite strong but not too strong, taste of mint is great. I love it

                    Murat K profile image

                    Chew Esquire


                    I love it

                    First time trying I thought my teeth would fall off. But you get used to it very fast. These pouches have the perfect nicotine dose for me. I stopped smoking with them and eat less because I don’t snack with them in my mouth lol. I will buy again and again.

                      Benjamin M profile image

                      Lord of Chew


                      Terrible burn from these unfortunately

                      Strong maybe but the burn is amongst the worst I've ever experienced from many brands wouldn't buy again. Just as I saw good reviews avoid this one

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