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LYFT Strong Ice Cool Mint All White Nicotine Pouches

LYFT Strong Ice Cool Mint Slim Nicotine Pouches (fka EPOK) by Fiedler & Lundgren is a minty joy bursting with energy and nicotine (10 mg/portion). It delivers a long lasting icy cool mint flavor together with sweet hints of butterscotch and tops it of with a strong nicotine kick. These tobacco free and slim portions uses a mix of fibers from both pine and eucalyptus as filling, which in turn minimizes the drip and makes them stay white troughout the whole usage. This all white character removes any risk for potential brown stains on your teeth.

If you want something refreshing with a high nicotine content then LYFT Strong Ice Cool Mint Slim Nicotine Pouches might just be the perfect chocie for you! Order yours online at

1 Can 5,32 €
5 Cans 24,61 €

Price per Can: 4,92 €

10 Cans 45,22 €

Price per Can: 4,52 €

Tobacco weight (g): 16.8
Portions / Can: 24
Net weight (g): 16.8
Available Since: 2019
Shipping Weight (g): 34
Flavor Descr: Mint, Peppermint
Nicotine (mg/g): 14.0
Flavor Group: Fresh
Product Qty description: Can,Cans

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Hugo D profile image

Sir Chew



Very good chew, you can take it whenever you want, it kicks good and taste fresh. I recommand

    Andreas R profile image

    Chew Knight



    Great chew

      Alexandre C profile image

      Sir Chew


      Simply perfect!

      The perfect kick and flavor!
      My favorite so far.

        Bendi S profile image

        God of Chew


        Not bad for sure

        I like it a lot. Only problem i have that it could be a little stronger but there is the freeze one for that.

          Connor D profile image

          Sir Chew


          My EPOK replacement

          I use this instead of Norwegian epok which I can't get in the UK, it's decent. I recommend the stronger 16mg stuff those!

            Grigory Z profile image

            Sir Chew


            Good product

            Fast shipment, good quality.

              Grigoras D profile image

              Chew Knight




                Matevž P profile image

                Lord of Chew


                In love with it

                It was my first snus and everyting else is just a poor substitute if I cant get any of those.

                  Nita H profile image

                  Chew Esquire


                  Way better than smoking

                  I have exchanged cigarettes for snus and I am still very happy with that decision. first I used snus with tobacco, later I discovered snus without tobacco. these taste very fresh. The benefits of snus over cigarettes are great. I hope that snus will one day become legal in the Netherlands. SnusExpress is a reliable website that delivers quickly.

                    Márton C profile image

                    Chew Knight



                    the best snus, relaxing and tobacco wont annoy

                      Steen D profile image

                      Chew Knight


                      My Favourite

                      tried all the Lyft's this is still the best

                        Bianka M profile image

                        Lord of Chew


                        LYFT Ice Cool

                        I used EPOK previous to LYFT, exactly the same taste and effect without tobacco! Really nice, strong and most importantly relaxed feel! ;)

                          patrick j profile image

                          Lord of Chew



                          good for relaxing while doing something boring!;)

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