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INK Strong Original Chewing Bags

INK Strong Original Chewing Bags with a traditional flavor of tobacco with hints of bergamot and lemon. In white portions.

INK Chew products are made from high quality long cut tobacco. The tobacco is packed in small sachets making it easy to use.

Chew is a modern style of chewing tobacco, much similar to Swedish snus. You can simply keep the chew somewhere in your mouth, for instance under your upper lip like snus, and the chewing bag will slowly deliver taste and nicotine. However, if you occasionally chew lightly on the chewing bag there will be an instant higher release of both flavor and nicotine.

1 Can 4,88 €
5 Cans 23,17 €

Price per Can: 4,63 €

10 Cans 43,89 €

Price per Can: 4,39 €

Tobacco weight (g): 16.8
Portions / Can: ~24
Available Since: 2017
Shipping Weight (g): 38
Flavor Descr: Traditional
Nicotine (mg/g): - strong -
Flavor Group: Classic
Product Qty description: Can,Cans

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Manfred K profile image

Chew Esquire


not for me

fHard times for eu snus lovers, since all the good stuff is no more available. What I like is classic snus (general, ettan). Since the times of eu restrictions I got pretty well along with Thunder classic. as well not available any more. So I gave Ink strong classic a chance - hoping tu get a product as close as possible to the before mentioned. What a disappointment! The taste ist much too strong compared to well balanced classic swedish snus. The nicotine level is as well much too high (and I ahave been strong snus consumer for more than 30 years with an average of one can a day, sometimes more, so I am used to nicotine. But this product punches You in Your face first before hitting your stomach and causing an urgent nausea. It starts dripping very fast and in the moment you swallow some juice, I immediately have to keep from starting to vomit. No chance for me to get along with that product. Zero points for me ...

    Massimo P profile image

    Chew Knight


    INK Original Strong

    First allow me to thank the guys at Snusexpress for quick delivery and for gifting me with 2 sample cans of tobacco free bags.
    This said, in my opinion INK Original Strong is a great product. Good tobacco taste topped with Bergamot and other floral essence. Pouches are very comfortable and taste flows out continuosly for about 40 minutes. Nicotine is strong but still very tolerable, me being a cigar and Siberia fan.

      franck p profile image

      Baron of Chew


      INK Strong Original

      Very good product.
      Good taste and a lot of flavors...

        Hans N profile image

        Chew Emperor


        Good value for price

        16.8 gram boxes, gives you a lot of snus for your bucks.

          Dawid G profile image

          Chew Esquire


          Ink strong original

          Great chew, good flavor

            Peter Holk H profile image

            God of Chew


            Ink strong original

            For all Danes. This is great stuff. Nice flavor and nicotine balance.

              Helmut H profile image

              Lord of Chew



              Nice chew.....
              One of the best for me...
              Nice taste....

                Darren S profile image

                Lord of Chew


                Ink strong oriiginal

                Very nice chew bags , more pepper than salt to me, with a slight floral taste , maybe rose. Sort of reminds me of the Swedish camel snus . I much prefer these to the thunder chew bags.Nicotine levels are plenty for me. Happy days ; )

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