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77 Snubie Edition Cola & Cherry Extra Strong Slim Nicotine Pouches

77 Snubie Edition Cola & Cherry Extra Strong Slim, tobacco free nicotine pouches produced by 77 Pouches together with Snubie. It treats you to a flavorsome and satisfyingly stimulating experience. It combines sweet cola with fruity tones of cherry. A delicious burst of flavor that is accompanied and enhanced by an extra strong nicotine kick (10 mg/portion).

Its slim and discreet nicopods use a filling that consists of natural plant fibers. An all-white filling that makes sure that they won’t leave stain on your teeth while it also keeps the drip to a minimum. This low amount of drip lengthens in turn their wonderful release of both flavor and nicotine.

You can now order the tasty and powerful 77 Snubie Edition Cola & Cherry Extra Strong Slim within the EU online right here at SnusExpress!

1 Can 4,99 €
5 Cans 23,73 €

Price per Can: 4,75 €

10 Cans 43,89 €

Price per Can: 4,39 €

Tobacco weight (g): 10
Portions / Can: 20
Net weight (g): 10
Available Since: 2021
Shipping Weight (g): 22,6
Flavor Descr: Cherry
Nicotine (mg/portion): 10
Nicotine (mg/g): 20.0
Flavor Group: Sweet
Product Qty description: Can,Cans

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Ésik K profile image

Baron of Chew



The first portion was like "okay". I'm tried out other two cherry flavoured nicopods and compared to them it was the weakest chain. I'm not saying that its unenjoyable or very bad one but the smell and taste more like chemical/ plastic cherry n coke. I had left 3-4 pouches when i start to feel it's irritating my lips, not because it's strong and i'm a newbie. I don't think i will buy in the future cuz there are better ones like this with "true" cherry/ cola flavour. If it's your 1st try in this flavour, maybe you can enjoy it, but after you try other ones you can realise it won't be on the list anymore.

    David b profile image

    Chew Esquire



    This was the second i tried from this brand. Is not bad. Nicotine on point

      Claus S profile image

      Baron of Chew


      Sehr gut

      Der Geschmack ist der Wahnsinn, nicht zu aufdringlich und trotzdem intensiv.
      Kann man lange unter der Lippe lassen und über lange Zeit einen angenehmen Geschmack haben.
      Gerne immer wieder bestellen.

        Jan C profile image

        Lord of Chew



        Super guter Geschmack und guter Kick!
        Angenehme Größe. Gerne auch mal länger als normal zu gebrauchen

          Timo S profile image

          Chew Emperor



          Habe bis jetzt schon viele probiert
          Aber der ist vom Geruch und Geschmack der absolute Hammer!!!!
          Kann man auch mal länger unter der lippe lassen
          Nur zum empfehlen

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