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INK X-Strong Black Chewing Bags

INK X-Strong Black Chewing Bags with a strong flavor of licorice, in white portions.

INK Chew products are made from high quality long cut tobacco. The tobacco is packed in small sachets making it easy to use.

Chew is a modern style of chewing tobacco, much similar to Swedish snus. You can simply keep the chew somewhere in your mouth, for instance under your upper lip like snus, and the chewing bag will slowly deliver taste and nicotine. However, if you occasionally chew lightly on the chewing bag there will be an instant higher release of both flavor and nicotine.

1 Can 4,88 €
5 Cans 23,17 €

Price per Can: 4,63 €

10 Cans 43,89 €

Price per Can: 4,39 €

Tobacco weight (g): 16.8
Portions / Can: ~24
Available Since: 2017
Shipping Weight (g): 38
Flavor Descr: Licorice
Nicotine (mg/g): - extra strong -
Flavor Group: Spicy
Product Qty description: Can,Cans

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Tobias F profile image

Duke of Chew


hmm lakritze

sehr feiner lakritz geschmack. gute stärke.

    William C profile image

    Baron of Chew



    Good quality tobacco, gives off gentle taste of sweet licorice. Very nice

      Joshua W profile image

      Sir Chew


      Amazing product

      I got introduced to snus back in 2016 when I lived in Sweden and I seriously got hooked on it and I couldn’t go anywhere without it! The snus I had while living in sweden was kaliber salmiak (licorice taste with heavy taste of salt) and this product INK-X Black just reminds me of the snus back in Sweden! Sadly I can’t find anywhere what will ship me the kaliber salmiak from Sweden as I am from the UK and all the rubbish rules but honestly the INK-X black is perfect and even tho it’s chew it’s honestly the same as snus! Amazing product and can’t wait to put more orders in!

        Jonathan D profile image

        Baron of Chew


        Excellente surprise

        Un super goût de réglisse qui tient longtemps en bouche. Très dosé en nicotine

          remi T profile image

          Lord of Chew


          Happy to have tried this

          I always thought I didn't like licorice. I'm glad to have tried this one cause its actually quite ok. Pretty strong flavour and a quite intense nicotine hit. I prefer taking this one in the afternoon or early evening when i feel like taking a snack but better shouldn't eat something again. It's my snack chew!!

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