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Nico Whip Alpine Mint Strong Nicotine Pouches

NICO Whip Alpine Mint Strong by the manufacturer The SnusFactory is a discreet and refreshing choice that that treats you with the pure nicotine pouch experience! Its tobacco free pouches deliver a refreshing and cool menthol flavor complemented with fresh hints of eucalyptus. A minty flavor combination that is accompanied by a stimulating and extra strong nicotine kick (8 mg/portion).

The filling used for these comfortable and slim nicotine pouches consists of natural plant fibers. An all-white filling that both eliminates the risk of them staining your teeth and that minimizes the drip. This low amount of drip ensures in turn that they provide a long lasting release of both flavor and nicotine.

You can now order your can or roll of NICO Whip Alpine Mint Strong within the EU online right here at SnusExpress!

1 Can 4,99 €
5 Cans 23,08 €

Price per Can: 4,62 €

10 Cans 42,41 €

Price per Can: 3,53 €

Tobacco weight (g): 16
Portions / Can: 20
Net weight (g): 16
Available Since: 2020
Shipping Weight (g): 32
Flavor Descr: Alpine Mint
Nicotine (mg/portion): 8
Nicotine (mg/g): 10
Flavor Group: Fresh
Product Qty description: Can,Cans

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Daniel S profile image

Chew Esquire


Coldest Bag i had

You got to get used to it. At first it gives you that cold "burn" leading to a pleasent nicotine kick. Bags are well moistured.

    Kristof T profile image

    Chew Esquire


    Lord of Chew

    I like the fatty pouches, its also very cold.

      Azad G profile image

      Chew Knight


      Very strong !

      Hab ihn gratis mitgeliefert bekommen und muss sagen der ist mir schon eine Nummer zu stark. Und wenn ich das als Siberia Nutzer sage, soll es was heißen.
      Das Zahnfleisch brennt viel enormer von der tatsächlichen wirkung ist er nicht so stark.

        Freddy o profile image

        Chew Emperor


        Long lasting!

        Strong, but when you Get used to it, it`s really nice and last for a long time!

          Tomi w profile image

          Chew Prince



          Found my own one! Comfortable pounces with perfect taste!

            Massimo P profile image

            Chew Knight



            Taste is great, nico kicks, if you re searching for a good tobacco alternative, this is it!

              nima r profile image

              God of Chew



              Found it! This is strong, very strong. It is the first time that a Snus actually caused gun pain...but a pleasant pain! This snus is like a wild kicks but once tamed, will give a great ride. Will order!

                Aaron C profile image

                Baron of Chew


                Got it as a freebie - Boy what a first hit

                Snus Express kindly added a box to my order to try. I like mint chew so i gave it a go. What a first hit, not so much the nicotine but the intense flavour. I could feel my gums physically throbbing. I have to admit i much prefer the tobacco chew and not really into the nicotine pouches but i have tried many and this is by far the best "tobacco free" chew ive had. would highly recomend to tobacco free users.

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