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Scooper Energy Iced Cola

Scooper Energy Iced Cola – Energy and refreshing flavors, all packed inside discreet portions that are 100% tobacco-, nicotine- and sugar free! It delivers a tasty and fresh flavor combination of cola topped with cool hints of mint. A delicious burst of flavor that is enhanced by a stimulating rush of caffeine (40 mg/portion).

To maximizes the energizing effect of the caffeine, a healthy dose of vitamin B5 has been added to the mix. The flavor’s sweetenes comes from xylitol extracted from birch bark, which means that no sugar has been added.

You can now buy your can or roll of Scooper Energy Iced Cola within the EU online right here at SnusExpress! 

1 Can 4,95 €
5 Cans 23,54 €

Price per Can: 4,71 €

10 Cans 42,36 €

Price per Can: 4,24 €

Portions / Can: 12
Net weight (g): 7,2
Available Since: 2022
Shipping Weight (g): 26
Flavor Descr: Cola
Flavor Group: Sweet
Product Qty description: Can,Cans

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Dennis K profile image

Chew King


Tastes like childhood

Do you remember those wine gums with cola taste? For me it was a the taste of childhood and this one has it!
For my general thoughts towards the Scooper Coffein SNus check my comment at Fresh Mint.
Towards Iced Cola I can tell you, that beside the taste of childhood you also get a nice amount of coffein which will kick in fast. And somewhere between a great taste and the effect of coffein you find a smooth texture in the well known slim format so that you can get your coffein very decently any time - and all of this for a fair price.
So overall I can also recommend this product for everybody who does not necesserily need nocitne in their pouches.

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