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Odens Extreme Cold White Dry Chewing Bags

Oden's Extreme Cold White Dry besticht mit dem erfrischenden Aroma grüner Minze und einen ultrastarken Nikotingehalt. Verpackt in weiße. trockene Portionen liefert er Dir maximalen Geschmack und einen Nikotinkick der Extraklasse! Definitiv nichts für Anfänger. Hast Du das Zeug dazu, ihn zu probieren?

1 Dose 6,12 €
5 Dosen 29,08 €

Preis perDose: 5,82 €

10 Dosen 55,11 €

Preis perDose: 5,51 €

Tabakgewicht (g): 10
Portionen / Dose: 12 - 14
Erhältlich seit: 2019
Versandgewicht (g): 27
Geschmacksbeschr.: Minze
Nikotin (mg/g): - ultrastark -
Geschmacksart: Fresh
Anzahl: Dose,Dosen

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Natalie S profile image

Chew Esquire


Not bad

Sehr angenehmer snus aber Sibieria bleibt die Nummer 1

    Bas H profile image

    Lord of Chew


    Nice 'n fresh

    Nice and fresh chew that packs a punch but doesn't knock you out like the Siberia chew

      Sm A profile image

      Chew Esquire



      One of the best shpak )

        James P profile image

        Lord of Chew


        Very good

        First snus I tried, definitely not good for beginners but wow if you can get over the initial feeling it's amazing.

        I'm used to it now but it's still so good first thing in the morning!


          Maik B profile image

          Lord of Chew



          Best strong Chew youncan buy

            Fabien S profile image

            Chew Esquire


            Très bon produit

            Super produit pour ceux qui recherchent de la force et du goût.

            Le kick de départ est fort et le goût est durable dans le temps.

              Lukas E profile image

              Chew Esquire



              Nicht so gut wie Siberia, aber trotzdem eine sehr gute Alternative

                Johannes U profile image

                Lord of Chew


                Very good kick

                For everyone who needs the extra kick 10/10

                  Dennis K profile image

                  Chew Emperor


                  Personal N1

                  This one's my personal N1. Basically I can just agree to the other comments regarding a long lasting, fresh taste of mint combined with a well dosed nico delivery! So even if it may be a little bit more expensive in comparison to other products it is worth every cent. Just to give a short example: Considering my normal, daily consumption of Snus the box of Oden`s lasts longer than other brands with twice the amount of bags inside.
                  So to put it in a nutshell: here we got my favorite if it comes to the balance of strengh, taste and price.
                  I can absolutely recommend this product

                    Antonio J profile image

                    Chew Esquire


                    One of the best

                    Best snus ever

                      Tobias F profile image

                      Chew Prince


                      Absolute nummer Eins

                      Bester Snus ever. gut im Geschmack, schön stark und hält lange an. I love it.

                        Jonathan R profile image

                        Sir Chew


                        Not the requested Extreme cold white dry portion

                        I did not get the odens extreme cold white dry portion but the odens white dry portion wich is by far not as strong as the extreme portion and not the portion I wanted!

                          Aziz A profile image

                          God of Chew



                          Greate i like it too

                            Christian M profile image

                            Chew Esquire



                            A great spearmint sensation, long lasting taste for at least 40+ minutes with a solid nicotine delivery throughout and if you go further the tobacco taste is pleasantly subtle, the bag material is incredibly soft so it's very comfortable under the lip, it's straight up Odens, you get the bite and full kick.

                              Curtis C profile image

                              Duke of Chew


                              the best chew

                              the bags are very big and plump and the portion material is the softest for chew bags that i have tried. the flavour is very good and not too overpowering, it does not have the salty taste that a lot of other chew bags have. not a lot of portions come in each can but the huge size and the price per can more than make up for the small amount of portions. highly reccomended. 5 stars

                                Matthias A profile image

                                Lord of Chew



                                Mein absoluter Favorit

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