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General Classic Chewing Bags

General Classic sind Chewing Bags mit dem selben Aroma wie General Classic Snus: Schmecke die klassische Geschmackskombination von Tabak und Bergamotte, doch mit 20 mg/g Nikotin für den richtigen Kick. In weichen, befeuchteten Originalportionen für schnelles, intensives Release!

Du kannst General Snus nach Deutschland bestellen. Egal ob du nun deinen General Snus, Chewing Bags oder Snooze nennst, bei schicken wir nach Deutschland und in fast alle Länder der EU!

1 Dose 5,85 €
5 Dosen 27,79 €

Preis perDose: 5,56 €

10 Dosen 52,65 €

Preis perDose: 5,26 €

Inhaltsstoffe: Cut Tobacco, Water, Ph Adjuster (E 500), Humectant (E 1520, E 422), Salt, Flavors incl. Smoke flavor, Potassium Sorbate (E 202)
Tabakgewicht (g): 18
Portionen / Dose: 18
Erhältlich seit: 2018
Versandgewicht (g): 35
Geschmacksbeschr.: Tabak, Bergamotte
Nikotin (mg/g): 20.0
Geschmacksart: Klassisch
Anzahl: Dose,Dosen

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Bas H profile image

Lord of Chew


Not my cup of tea

For me, the spiciness makes it a little bit too harsh.
The tobacco flavor is pretty good though, but the drip comes fast... too wet for me.

    Sm A profile image

    Chew Esquire


    Like it

    Good experience with General. A bit too wet than the gray one but it's not a problem

      Arnaud C profile image

      Chew Esquire



      For people who dun like much mint/fruit flavors.
      Tabaco is good.

        Kristijan M profile image

        Lord of Chew


        great taste

        the strong tobacco flavor is what in my opinion makes this snus so great. it isn't really strong, but definitly strong enough

          Ésik K profile image

          Chew King



          One of the most unique and best product. Highly reccomended, if you like General snus/ chew.

            anne d profile image

            Sir Chew


            The flavour is amazing

            Flavour is just something special, tastes and smell crazy good.

            I wish they made a slim portion because these are a bit fat under my lip. Great at home but not for out in public

              Kristoffer M profile image

              Chew Emperor



              It's the first snus I tried and, much like nostalgia, it is potent. Irks me when I must use another brand. Highly recommend.

                Konrad k profile image

                Chew Knight


                Simply the Best !

                I feel it is a bit drier than the original from Sweden but still the taste is the of Original !

                  Bo-Patrik M profile image

                  Lord of Chew


                  Great Chew

                  This is a old time classic, good flavor will keep coming back to this product.

                    Carlo D profile image

                    Chew Esquire


                    When I think of snus I think General

                    The product I like the most: strong taste and enough nicotine to feel it but not exaggeratedly strong. What else do you want more?

                      Massimo P profile image

                      Chew Knight


                      That's it!

                      Well, that's it. The taste of real swedish snus with good strenght. Good for all day chew, will re order.

                        Tobias F profile image

                        Chew Prince


                        Gute Alternative

                        Sehr guter Snus, guter Geschmack und angenehm. Leider einmischen schwach.

                          Ryszard S profile image

                          Chew Emperor


                          Very Strong

                          Super product !!!

                            Felix H profile image

                            Chew Esquire


                            nice snus

                            very good snus, good quality

                              Blagoy C profile image

                              Chew Esquire



                              The great Swedish treat from great country!

                                Joshua W profile image

                                Lord of Chew


                                Very tasteful chew

                                Honestly hands down one of the best chews available to the uk, amazing flavour and delivers a good Strong nicotine hit

                                  Jan J profile image

                                  Baron of Chew


                                  almost as good as the real general snuss

                                  although this is a very tastefull chew, it is not as good as the actual snuss but it comes very close though! I wish they'd made the 'extra stark' version of this too.

                                    Dariusz C profile image

                                    Baron of Chew


                                    My first chew

                                    And I still like it.
                                    This is a classic!
                                    I come back to it and I do'nt regret.
                                    Try it! You will be content.

                                      Curtis C profile image

                                      Duke of Chew


                                      Very strong flavor

                                      These have a very strong tobacco/bergamot flavor so be prepared. Tough portion material which means they will last longer under the lip.

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