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WOW! Sunny Honey
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WOW! Sunny Honey

Wow! Sunny Honey's flavor-trio of honey, elderflower and lemon is an awesome combination for your tastebuds. Packed in white portions with an medium nicotine content for an long lasting flavor with less drip. This snus isn't as strong in nicotine as its bigger brother but it sure is sweeter.

1 Can $2.41
5 Cans $11.12

Price per Can: $2.22

10 Cans $20.44

Price per Can: $2.04

Ingredients: Water, Tobacco, Humectant (E1520), Flavors, Salt, pH Adjuster (E500), Sweetener (E954)
Tobacco weight (g): 15
Available Since: 2018
Shipping Weight (g): 32
Flavor Descr: Honey, Lemon, Elderflower
Nicotine (mg/g): 8.5
Flavor Group: Fruity
Product Qty description: Can,Cans

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Snus Esquire


Beautiful Aroma

Bought this as random taste test and let me tell you straight up - this smells great, tastes great, and no light headed feelings from being to strong. I usually don't like the standard portions as they are to strong, but this blend is right on. As my standard disclaimer, its not an all day every day like General Original, but for a flavoured variety it has risen to my number two spot, right below Mellon.

Cons: The top of the can for used portions comes off to easy and can dump in your pocket - just don't be to rough on her, yes this is a 'her'
Price: Excellent