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Oden's Extreme Pure Wintergreen White Dry

"Pure Wintergreen" stands for a very refreshing wintergreen flavor - and Oden's Extreme for one of the strongest snus series on the market today. Unmoistened and extra dry portions, filled with snus made from quality tobacco, provide a long lasting flavor and very low drip. Oden's Pure Wintergreen Extreme White Dry - not for the faint of heart!

1 Can $2.92
5 Cans $13.48

Price per Can: $2.70

10 Cans $24.77

Price per Can: $2.48

Tobacco weight (g): 10
Ingredients: Tobacco, Water, Salt, Flavors, Humectant (E 1520), pH Adjuster (E 501)
Portions / Can: 12 - 14
Available Since: 2013
Shipping Weight (g): 26
Flavor Descr: Tobacco, Wintergreen
Nicotine (mg/g): 22.0
Product Qty description: Can,Cans

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Владимир О profile image

Snus Esquire


nothing extra

classy. nothing extra

    Marco F profile image

    Snus Emperor



    Gute Stärke, sehr intensiver Geschmack und Geruch. Wenn man Wintergreen mag Topwahl.

      Eric Z profile image

      Snus King


      Genialer Snus

      das Beste

        Joel R profile image

        God of Snus


        Guter Snus

        gute stärke, zu intensiver geschmack für mich

          Nicolas D profile image

          God of Snus



          Nach einem sättigendem Essen ist ein Wintergreen das perfekte zum Verdauen!

            Denis J profile image

            Duke of Snus



            Anständig stark, gleiches Geschmack wie grüne Dose.
            Pretty strong, the same taste like a green one. One of my favorites.

              Remo H profile image

              Baron of Snus



              Recht stark in der Wirkung!

                Philippe F profile image

                Snus Emperor


                Bester Snus

                Absolut mein Lieblingssnus!