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Siberia -80°C ICE COLD POWER White Portion

Stronger than the Oden's Extreme series, but not as strong as its white dry portions, the white portions of Siberia -80 Ice Cold offer fresh spearmint flavor and an extreme snus experience!

1 Can $3.81
5 Cans $17.62

Price per Can: $3.52

10 Cans $32.37

Price per Can: $3.24

Tobacco weight (g): 15
Ingredients: Tobacco, Water, Salt, Flavors, Humectant (E 1520), pH Adjuster (E 501)
Portions / Can: 16 - 18
Available Since: 2015
Shipping Weight (g): 32
Flavor Descr: Tobacco, Spearmint
Nicotine (mg/g): 24
Product Qty description: Can,Cans

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Tayfun D profile image

Lord of Snus



Its normal not verry strong

    Nicklas P profile image

    God of Snus


    Cool and fresh

    Very nice taste

      Sebastian F profile image

      Baron of Snus


      Nicht schlecht

      Dieser Snus ist mir zu grobkörnig, und geschmacklich ist er auch etwas lasch.
      Ist aber wenigstens ein Siberia

        Max H profile image

        Snus Prince


        Really Good

        Siberia (blue and red) are my favourites! Always a pleasure to me.. all day! The blue one is just a little bit weaker than the red one.
        WARNING: They are only for really snusers!

          Joel R profile image

          God of Snus


          guter snus

          ist eigentlich gleich wie siberia rot nur andere konsistenz und kleinere portion

            Patrik H profile image

            God of Snus


            Nicht schlecht

            guter Geschmack aber weniger gute konsistenz

              Jessica C profile image

              God of Snus



              Love this snus!

                Simon B profile image

                Snus Prince


                All time favorite

                This has become my go too for snus. A must try for everyone.

                  David R profile image

                  God of Snus



                  Er ist stark aber ich finde nicht so schlim wie der cold dry geschmaklich hammer

                    Niklas G profile image

                    Snus Prince


                    Good One

                    That's a really good Snus... It isn't that strong as his brother (the red one), but it's still one of the strongest Snus I've ever had...

                      Tobias R profile image

                      Duke of Snus


                      Sehr stark

                      Dieser Snus putscht sehr auf

                        Sandro z profile image

                        Snus Esquire


                        The Best

                        Der beste Snus der es auf dem Markt gibt

                          Jerome S profile image

                          God of Snus


                          erfrischender Geschmack

                          fein und erfrischend, was will man mehr.

                            Lucas s profile image

                            God of Snus


                            Fresh and cool

                            For me the best of the fresh mint Snus