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G.4 Blush Slim All White Portion

G.4 Blush Slim All White Portion

Got a thing for All White snus and want something flavorsome? Then G.4 Blush Slim All White Portion by Swedish Match might just be the perfect snus for you. These slim and low-drip portions delivers a long lasting release of spicy ginger and sweetly fruity blood orange together with tasteful hints of Seville orange and carrot. Top this of with a strong nicotine kick (9.5 mg nicotine/portion) and you’re in for a stimulating and tasty ride.

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1 Can $4.46
5 Cans $20.61

Price per Can: $4.12

10 Cans $37.86

Price per Can: $3.79

Ingredients: Water, Stabilizer (E 460), Plantfibers, Humectant (E 422), Tobacco, Salt, Flavors, pH Adjuster (E 525), Emulsifier (E 471), Artificial Sweetener (E 950)
Tobacco weight (g): 19.2
Portions / Can: 24
Available Since: 2019
Shipping Weight (g): 35
Flavor Descr: Ginger, Blood Orange
Flavor Group: Spicy
Product Qty description: Can,Cans

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Zachary S profile image

Snus Esquire


Very Unique Flavor

With all the white snus coming out, this is a unique flavor. The ginger has a nice burn and is balanced out by the sweetness of the orange. The pouches are comfortable and has a good nicotine hit. This flavor may not be for everyone but it definitely is unique among all the standard tobacco and mint flavors.

    sandy c profile image

    Snus Esquire


    Surprisingly good

    A delicious snus with the ginger giving a nice burn.

      chaitawat j profile image

      Snus Esquire




        Fabian F profile image

        Snus Emperor



        top snus ideal für zwischendurch