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LYFT (FKA Epok) Strong Licorice Slim All White

Lyft (FKA Epok) Strong Licorice Slim is a godsend for all licorice lovers out there! These strong (10 mg nicotine/portion), tobacco free and slim nicotine pouches reduce the drip significantly and offer a discreet and flavorsome experience.

If you're a fan of Epok then you'll absolutely love this new and improved version. Lyft provides the same exhilarating and refreshing feeling as Epok Snus. But this time, by replacing the small amount of tobacco with natural fibers from pine and eucalyptus, meaning no stain and no need to keep it refrigerated. These slim pouches fits comfortably under your lip and delivers a longlasting release of licorice and nicotine. Get your LYFT snus by ordering it online right here at

1 Can $5.39
10 Cans $47.94

Price per Can: $4.79

40 Cans $175.74

Price per Can: $4.39

Tobacco weight (g): 16.8
Portions / Can: 24
Net weight (g): 16.8
Available Since: 2019
Shipping Weight (g): 35
Flavor Descr: Licorice
Nicotine (mg/g): 14.0
Flavor Group: Spicy
Product Qty description: Can,Cans

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Lauri P profile image

Snus Knight


Mild licorice flavour

The usual LYFT, but with a very mild licorice taste.