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LYFT Nordic Winter Slim All White
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LYFT Nordic Winter Slim All White

The tobacco free and all white LYFT Nordic Winter Slim is a limited edition flavor inspired by the Nordic forests. Its discreet nicotine pouches delivers medium strong nicotine kicks (6 mg/portion) together with a fresh and nuanced flavor that combines lavender, berries and herbs with notes of spruce and forest flora.

The slim size of the pouches makes them fit comfortably under your lip while their innovative cellulose fiber filling both minimizes the drip and eliminates the risk of them staining your teeth. The low amount of drip lengthens the release of both flavor and nicotine.

You can now order your can or roll of the limited edition LYFT Nordic Winter Slim straight from our fresh stock online at

1 Can $5.36
5 Cans $24.77

Price per Can: $4.95

10 Cans $45.52

Price per Can: $4.55

Tobacco weight (g): 16,8
Portions / Can: 24
Net weight (g): 16.8
Available Since: 2019
Shipping Weight (g): 33
Flavor Descr: herbs, flora, lavender,berries, fir, forest
Nicotine (mg/g): 8.0
Product Qty description: Can,Cans

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Snus Esquire



Ordered some cans to try out this new snus, sad that it is only 6mg nic