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YOYO Mix 5-pack

YOYO by Nordic Noir is a tobacco free brand of all-white nicotine pouches that deliver exciting flavors inspired by famous cities from around the world. This 5-flavor mix pack includes:

YOYO New York Mint: It’s extra strong (15 mg/g) and it delivers a fresh mint flavor.

YOYO Havana Mojito: It delivers medium strong kicks (9 mg/g) together with a summery Mojito flavor that combines lime with a dash of mint.

YOYO London Lime Strawberry: It packs a high nicotine content (12 mg/g) and its delivers a fruity and fresh flavor combination of lime and strawberry topped with a light touch of cool mint.

YOYO Stockholm Licorice Mint: It delivers intense nicotine kicks (20 mg/g) together with a refreshing mint flavor topped with delicious tones of licorice.

YOYO Mumbai: It delivers a pleasant rush of nicotine (6 mg/g) together with a refreshingly tasty Gin & Tonic flavor.

1 Pack $19.99
Tobacco weight (g): 50
Portions / Can: 20
Net weight (g): 50
Available Since: 2021
Shipping Weight (g): 140
Product Qty description: Pack,Packs

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