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Nordströmmen Loose Limited Edition

This product has been discontinued and is therefore unable to add to your cart.

Nordströmmen Loose Limited Edition is a special edition snus that comes in 5 uniquely different flavors! 2 cans of each flavor come in each Limited Edition box. This snus is limited to a run of 600 boxes; each with 10 cans of snus.

And we bought the LAST 50 !!!!!!!

Four of the Five following flavors will be BANNED in the United States under Kennedy/Waxman !!!!!!!

Flavors include:

Nordströmmen Brandy Alexander Loose
Nordströmmen Mandarine Loose
Nordströmmen Dark Vanilla Loose
Nordströmmen Choc Raspberry Loose
Nordströmmen Tobacco top Loose

Buy Them before we Run Out at this amazing price of $14.84!!!!!

Snus form: Loose snus
Snus content per can: 45 grams
Nicotine: 8 mg/g


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