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G.3 Sparkling Slim White Dry Portion

G.3 Sparkling Slim White Dry Portion by Swedish Match is a snus jam-packed with nicotine and tasty flavors. Its combination of apple and elderflower topped with hints of lavender and citrus brings forth thoughts about the sparkling goodness that is champagne. A delicious flavor that is accompanied and enhanced by an extra strong nicotine kick (18 mg/portion).

Its slim portions are optimized to provide a comfortable fit while their dry surfaces and white character minimizes the drip. This in turn means that they deliver a long-lasting release of flavor and nicotine in a discreet way.

G.3 Sparkling Slim White Dry Portion, a nicotine packed and champagne flavored snus that you now can order online at

1 Dose $4.99
10 Dosen $46.19

Preis perDose: $4.62

40 Dosen $166.28

Preis perDose: $4.16

Tabakgewicht (g): 16.6
Portionen / Dose: 24
Erhältlich seit: 2020
Versandgewicht (g): 32
Geschmacksbeschr.: apple, elderflower
Nikotin (mg/g): 26.0
Geschmacksart: Fruchtig
Anzahl: Dose,Dosen

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Duke of Snus


Very Nice

Refreshing, and great taste. Definitely give it a shot.