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Kurbits Morgondagg Slim White Portion
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Kurbits Morgondagg Slim White Portion

The Swedish summer is an almost magical thing. A long awaited breath of fresh air from the grey and rainy autumn and the cold and dark winter. A time of the year when the sun barely goes down and when the nature once again is bursting with life. Kurbits Morgondagg Slim White Portion takes inspiration from one particular moment of the summer, the morning. A time of the day when dew lays as blanket over the green grass and when the warmth of suns chases the cool night air away. A lovely and refreshing feeling that this discreet portion snus captures brilliantly.

It delivers a mild and light tobacco flavor complemented with summery tones of viola and a touch of delicious licorice. This lovely burst of flavor is accompanied by a strong nicotine kick (10 mg/portion). Its discreet slim portions are designed to fit discreetly under your lip and to drip minimally. It leaves a nice cooling sensation under the lip which combined with the nuanced flavor makes this snus a perfect treat when you want to enjoy something refreshing and delightfully flavorsome.

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1 Dose $2.92
10 Dosen $24.83

Preis perDose: $2.48

30 Dosen $74.48

Preis perDose: $2.48

Tabakgewicht (g): 14
Portionen / Dose: ~20
Erhältlich seit: 2020
Versandgewicht (g): 30
Geschmacksbeschr.: Tabak, Lakritz
Nikotin (mg/g): 14.0
Geschmacksart: Spicy
Anzahl: Dose,Dosen

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