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Ettan Loose RETRO Edition Snus with Metal Lid circa 1967

Dieses Produkt ist leider nicht mehr verfügbar und kann daher nicht hinzugefügt werden.

Ettan Loose snus back is back in its 1967 can including metal lid stamped with the pre-Swedish Match logo of Svenska Tobaks AB (STA) - this is a VERY limited edition, so if you want it, get it VERY quickly!

Own a piece of snus history!

As for the snus in the RETRO can, it is the same Ettan snus you love with a full-bodied tobacco flavor and hints of smoke, peat, and subtle chocolate notes.. Some things never change!

Tobacco weight per can:42 grams
Nicotine content per gram:8 mg/g
Shipping weight per can:60 gram


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