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General Waterproof Edition Aluminum Snus Can

Dieses Produkt ist leider nicht mehr verfügbar und kann daher nicht hinzugefügt werden.

Thanks to the US Tobacco Control Act, this item may unfortunately NOT be shipped to the U.S.!

Here it comes - the General Waterproof Edition snus can, your indispensable accessory when poolside, on the beach, your boat, a fishing trip... or outside in a heavy rain!

General Waterproof Edition keeps your snus safe and dry just about anywhere you go, so it is NOT just a cool item to have in your pocket - just place the bottom of your opened snus can into the General Waterproof Edition.

The black (and quite professionally looking) aluminum can's screw-on lock with rubber ring seals tightly and is easy to handle, even with wet hands. 

Just take the bottom portion of a conventional can of snus (the part with the snus in it) and place it in the Waterproof can, it's that simple and sanitary.

Buy yours before the Zombie Apocalypse; its a great snus survival tool!

The General Waterproof Edition can is being shipped WITHOUT snus! This is a limited edition: available while supplies last.

Erhältlich seit: 2013
Versandgewicht (g): 95
Durchmesser (cm): 7.9
Höhe (cm): 2.8
Typ (Anzahl): Pc,Pcs
Material: Aluminium, Gummi


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