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Kardus Superior Blend 2010

Dieses Produkt ist leider nicht mehr verfügbar und kann daher nicht hinzugefügt werden.

Kardus Superior Blend is the most exclusive and sought-after snus in the world. Made by Swedish Match each November, only 500 boxes maximum of Kardus are produced each year.

Hand cut, Kardus Superior Blend is called long cut, resulting in a structure similar to some pipe tobacco. The structure is different from usual snus and requires some extra care when you shape your prilla....Or you could be like me and just use an IceTool.

We now proudly present Kardus Superior Blend Vintage 2010: a limited edition of 500 boxes which is a historical document as well as the world's finest snus. Select tobacco from Java is hand-processed; only the center leaves of the tobacco plant are used!

Kardus 2010 is flavored with the legendary distillate, Arrack. Americans also have a new fruit to learn about: the Tamerind. The porcelain in the box comes from the exclusive cargo of the original East Indiaman Götheborg's last voyage 1745 and was salvaged from the wreck in 1905.


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