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The Complete Phantom Snus Collection

Dieses Produkt ist leider nicht mehr verfügbar und kann daher nicht hinzugefügt werden.

Phantom Snus by V2 Tobacco is a cult phenomenon which only gets better with each release. It inspires strong opinions on both sides, but especially among the "Phanatics".

One man mysteriously know as Xobeloot began a one warrior crusade when Phantom Snus was first released resulting in Phantom's world-wide fame today. Why he did it no one knows. V2 Tobacco and the Phanatics are sure glad he did, though!

This Sampler contains one can each of the entire Phantom Collection! You can not resist...embrace the Phantom! (especially at this great price)

Phantom Classic Loose
Phantom Classic Portion
Phantom Classic White Portion
Phantom Classic Blue Loose
Phantom Classic Blue Portion
Phantom Classic Blue White Portion
Phantom Classic Brown Loose
Phantom Classic Brown Portion
Phantom Classic Brown White Portion

If you are new to Loose Snus or want to upgrade your experience, we have a large selection of IceTools and the venerable Prismaster at great prices in the ACCESSORIES Section!

Me, I can't make a decent Pris by hand if my life depended on it. Thank God for IceTools!


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