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Bag O' Snus! - Portion and Loose

Dieses Produkt ist leider nicht mehr verfügbar und kann daher nicht hinzugefügt werden.

Try our famous Bag O' Snus of portion and loose snus! You get fresh, new snus worth a lot more than you're paying....but you'll have no idea what snus you are receiving. Here's how the Bag O' Snus works:

We sell a LOT of Snus! We also like to break open rolls to try new snus's ourselves. It's called "eating your profits" But we don't care because we love Swedish and Scandinavian Snus as much as you do!

This created a concern because we were accumulating a lot of various single cans and open rolls. They take up space in our refrigerators.  Even the personal snus chiller of SnusCentral Snus Shop manager Moe Unz isn't big enough to handle the overflow!

When a trailer pulls up to our loading dock with a thousand rolls of assorted snus, we can't tell them to come back tomorrow. Especially Swedish Match. You don't turn away a shipment of General Snus because you've got no more room. They know where you live.

That's where the Bag O' Snus comes in. We price them very low. We need to clear out those cans before Swedish Match comes back...or Skruf.  They take it VERY personally when their favorite SnusCENTRAL refrigerators are not available. VERY personally.

You get a very low per can/per roll price but you don't know what you're getting. Could be some lower priced snus in there. There also could be Skruf Xtra Strong Portion or General Lös. Could be both. We mix it up so you get a really great deal.

We need you happy so we can make room in the refrigerators! Worst case, you could get three of the same snus if you order a roll/10 cans but no more than three. And if it's three cans of Ettan or Thunder Snus, who cares?

So take a walk on the Wild Side, save money, and turn waiting for the mail into a much more intense experience! Bag O' Snus. Bag O' Fun!

See How to use a Prismaster and the easiest way to Hand Bake loose snus at SnusCENTRAL on YouTube!
Inhaltsstoffe: Varying
Portionen / Dose: Varying
Erhältlich seit: 2003
Versandgewicht (g): 50
Geschmacksbeschr.: Varying
Typ (Anzahl): Dose,Dosen


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