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Swave Tropic Spritz


Swave Tropical Spritz is a summery treat perfect for you who like fruity flavors and solid kicks. These tobacco free, all white and slim nicotine pouches deliver strong nicotine kicks (10.5 mg/portion) together with a sweet and tasty flavor of tropical fruits.

The filling used for these discreet pouches consists of natural plant fibers. An innovative and high-quality filling that ensures that they won’t stain and that they provide a low drip experience, something that in turn lengthens the release of both flavor and nicotine.

You can now order your can or roll of the tasty and stimulating Swave Tropic Spritz online right here at

1 Dose $4.64
5 Dosen $21.46

Preis perDose: $4.29

10 Dosen $39.44

Preis perDose: $3.94

Tabakgewicht (g): 16
Portionen / Dose: 20
Net weight (g): 16
Erhältlich seit: 2020
Versandgewicht (g): 30
Geschmacksbeschr.: Pineapple
Nicotine (mg/portion): 11.3
Geschmacksart: Fruchtig
Anzahl: Dose,Dosen
Nicotine Weight: 16

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