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Faro Raspberry-Mint

Faro Raspberry-Mint and its tobacco free nicotine pouches delivers a tasty flavor combination of icy mint topped sweet and fruity hints of raspberries. A lovely burst of flavor that is enhanced by a pleasant and medium strong nicotine kick (5 mg/portion). The filling used for these white and low drip pouches consists of a high quality blend of tea leaves. They’re designed to offer a comfortable fit and their dry surfaces minimizes the drip, something that ensures that the release of flavor and nicotine last for a delightfully long time.

If you’re in the mood for something minty and fruity, try Faro Raspberry-Mint. You can now order yours online at

1 Dose $4.48
5 Dosen $20.70

Preis perDose: $4.14

10 Dosen $38.04

Preis perDose: $3.80

Tabakgewicht (g): 12
Portionen / Dose: 20
Net weight (g): 12
Erhältlich seit: 2020
Versandgewicht (g): 27
Geschmacksbeschr.: Himbeere, Minz
Nicotine (mg/portion): 8
Nikotin (mg/g): - mittel -
Geschmacksart: Fresh
Anzahl: Dose,Dosen

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