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St.Patrick's Day - Whiskey Bundle
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St.Patrick's Day - Whiskey Bundle

Put on your party hat and celebrate with us because St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner! And what better way to celebrate this special occasion than with some great deals on snus. How about a bundle inspired by the three-leaved shamrock, a wonderful trinity of tobacco, nicotine and whiskey. This bundle of whiskey flavored snus includes loose, white- and original portion snus.

Crafted Snus Whiskey Original & Crafted Snus Whiskey White:

High-quality snus manufacturer by AG Snus together with Conny Andersson. They deliver satisfying nicotine kicks (11 mg/portion) and a full-bodied tobacco flavor topped with tones of smokey whiskey and subtle hints of dark chocolate and walnut.

General Mackmyra Original:

A popular snus from Swedish Match. It has a dark tobacco character that incorporates hints of dried fruits, cedar and Swedish Mackmyra Whiskey complemented with subtle undertones of tar and malt. A complex yet well-balanced combination of flavors that is accompanied by a nice and satisfying nicotine kick (10 mg/portion).

SISU Original The Emperor:

A nicotine packed (14 mg/portion) white portion snus made by AG Snus in collaboration with the master blender Lars Olsen. It has a mild tobacco character that incorporates smoky hints of whiskey topped with a fresh dash of bergamot.


Snubie x Bourbon Whiskey & Vanilla Portion:

A strong (12 mg nicotine/g) white portion snus made by Snusbie and Ministry of Snus together with the snus community. It has a mild and well-rounded tobacco character with a rich flavor of smooth bourbon whiskey (Makers 46) topped with sweet tones of vanilla.

1 Pack $18.75
Tabakgewicht (g): 92
Erhältlich seit: 2020
Versandgewicht (g): 203
Anzahl: Pack,Packs

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